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Mobile Transmission Systems Lab

The 21st century we live in now is the century of innovation combined with global knowledge, information and experience. Global digital networks tie up the world and expedite a borderless global village.

Wireless communication technologies play a key role in this innovative change. The Mobile Transmission Systems (MTS) lab pursues developments of new wireless technologies that facilitate a tether-less society. The research topics at MTS include software and hardware developments in such areas as OFDM, Visible Light Communications (VLC) using LEDs, Localized VLC, Optical Wireless Communications (OWC), MIMO, massive MIMO, Multiple Access techniques and adaptive transmission. In addition, we conduct various hardware based developments, in particular, sensor-based vehicle safety systems, LED-based wireless data transmission, contactless wireless power charging, vehicle safety control modules and so on. As of Nov 2013, we registered two patents in Korea and three are pending from these developments. 

The MTS is deeply interested in international collaboration in any mutually consented forms with any prospective research or industry partners to achieve international goals and global competitiveness. To facilitate and promote these objectives more effectively, we seek outstanding international graduate students with full scholarships (tuition, living expenses, etc.) to stay ahead of our focus areas and also to make significant academic contributions.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to this MTS website and also Pukyong National University (PKNU), Busan, Korea.

Any inquiries can be forwarded to yhchung@pknu.ac.kr. 


Yeon Ho CHUNG, Ph.D.(Liv), D.I.C.,

Professor of MTS, 

Former Exec. Director of Office of Int'l Relations, PKNU